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White Lie - EPK

Back once again with a brand new offering, PAISLEY indie trio The Deep Shining Sea bring you a their fourth single - White Lie. The track exudes those feel good, summer vibes.

The band – made up of singer/guitarist Steven Hillcoat, bassist Gareth Fairley and drummer Jamie McLachlan – are proud to have been able to make this their THIRD release this year – both releases, Listen Up (You Talk Too Much) and The Song Plays On Repeat have fared them well, giving them much talk and airplay.

With this track the band have intentionally set out and produced a more rhythmically technical sound than their previous releases whilst keeping a vibrant pop sensibility about it.

Hillcoat said. “We had good times recording this one which i feel, really shines through the music. The interplay between the drums, bass and guitar riff in the verses produce a polyrhythmic vibe which works and sounds pretty fuckin' good"

“There were some compositional decisions made to help reinforce the rhythmic interplay. We had hand claps and woodblocks recorded as a constant going over the intro but, we ditched that and opted for the acoustic guitar panned to the left and the tambourine to keep it all tied together "

“Additionally, the guitar riff was an idea that I recorded many years ago to tape cassette and didn’t do anything with however, after unearthing it and adding it in we felt it brought that instant summer feeling"

“The essence of the track definitely is longing for blue skies and sunny days, musically and lyrically”

Hillcoat adds “We are really happy to keep putting our music out there and at the pace it is coming"

The track was recorded entirely by the band and was captured during a number of sessions in an empty living room.

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