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EPK - The Deep Shining Sea - Girl There's Something You Should Know

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

The Deep Shining Sea bring you their debut single - "Girl There's Something You Should Know" - The track is set for a March 13th release and will be available on all major download platforms. The track begins with a toned back, melodic vibe. The drums like the tick-tock of a beating heart and the bass like a deep breath of air, give the guitars room to bounce off each other.

The seemingly sombre lyrics catch you unaware as it bursts into life following a descending guitar riff. With an anthemic chorus the track hits hard with its incisive immediacy.

The next verse is backed by a punchy drum beat giving the listener that satisfying opportunity to bop their head in time with the beat.

The vocal performance rises throughout the song as the lyrics reveal a realisation that the protagonist is in the midst of toxic relationship. This becomes apparent with the line "You could be the reason why".

The second chorus powers in and the track progresses onto a modestly effective guitar solo. This works well as the middle eight erupts, taking the track in a different direction for a brief but exciting moment.

Finally, the lyrics resolve when the line "it's not love, it's the end" is repeated with definitive audacity signalling the final nail in the coffin of the aforementioned toxic relationship. This gutsy outro is backed with the band blasting through the chorus chord progression.

The track has proven itself to be a crowd pleaser during live shows.


WHO WE ARE: Formed in Paisley in 2018 The Deep Shining Sea are, Steven Hillcoat - Guitars, vocals. Jamie McLachlan - Drums. Gareth Fairley - Bass.

We play indie/pop/rock guitar music. Our live shows are uplifting and anthemic. Driven by a penchant towards Scottish indie bands such as, Teenage fanclub, The Jesus & Mary chain, Mogwai and The Beta Band, The Close Lobsters, Belle & Sebastian and Arab Strap to name a few. The Deep Shining Sea intend to tip their hat towards AND continue this lineage of quality from the Scottish music scene. WHAT WE HAVE DONE: 2019 was a FANTASTIC year for us. Our list of achievements, Including Butefest 2019 saw us supporting 80's pop stars The Blow Monkeys and supporting the chart-topping 90's act Toploader. We then rounded our year off in December with our first headline show in our hometown of Paisley to a great reception! WHERE WE ARE HEADING: On March 13th 2020 we will be releasing our debut single " Girl There's Something You Should Know". The release will be backed up with a string of live shows around Scotland. Stay tuned!





Louis Cypher (Manager)

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