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The Song Plays On Repeat: EPK

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

With this bold and provocative track, The Deep Shining Sea bring you their brand new Track - The Song Plays On Repeat - it's charged and full on, with a relentless energy from beginning to end.

The Song Plays On Repeat will be released on Friday, April 30th 2021

The band – made up of singer Steven Hillcoat, bassist Gareth Fairley and drummer Jamie McLachlan – are still buzzing from their previous release on February 26th – Listen Up (You Talk Too Much) which has enjoyed much talk and airplay in the last few weeks.

With this track the band postulate a scenario from a hazy house party that infers the philosophy that you are exactly where you’re meant to be.

Hillcoat said. “The lyrics are about meeting someone on a night out and really hitting it off with them".

“Raising a glass to being dreamers and sharing the same values".

“realising that on any other night out you’d get drunk or talk too much but, tonight is different... It’s different and you’re engrossed in everything about the other person".

“Then suddenly, its the best feeling getting the confirmation that the person you’re into... is also into you!".

“It’s a feeling I’ve experienced before, its love, it’s affection, its awkward... it’s natural. If it hasn’t happened to you then I guarantee that when it does, you’ll want whatever song that’s playing at the time to be on repeat!! You won’t want that feeling to end".

Hillcoat adds “We are happy to follow up so quickly from our previous track, it’s good for us to be kept on our toes".

“we love the drive and energy in the track and the sentiment of the lyrics fit so well. It gives us a rush of blood every time we play it".

The track was recorded entirely by the band and mixed by frontman Steven Hillcoat.

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