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Stuck in the house session - RenTV a.k.a What I learned during lockdown

Premiered on the 8th of May 2020.

In April 2020 The Deep Shining Sea were asked to record and film a live session for Renfrewshire Arts & Leisure. Due to COVID19 and government restrictions we were unable to do this in person together. I did consider playing a solo acoustic set however, with Gareth and Jamie being so handsome – I wanted them involved. That left me having to figure out a way to make it happen.

The recording part was straight forward. While filming myself, I recorded my guitar parts along to a click and sent the audio file to the lads. Gareth plugged his bass into his digital recorder, donned his headphones and recorded his parts. Jamie shifted some furniture, built a drum kit, set up his camera, his Zoom H1 field recorder and captured his kit. Within a couple of days the raw tracks and video were sent back to me, I mixed the tracks and recorded the vocals. The songs were complete and sounded not fuckin’ bad.

Now came the real challenge! Compile the video clips and synchronising the music. Having used Windows moviemaker years ago this was my first port of call... But, Windows stopped bloody making it and I couldn't install the old version! So I was forced to think of another solution so we could entertain you, “The Locked Down” with our music. I downloaded a few trails of video editing software that would have given Stephen fucking Hawkinson a headache. Eventually, I found an editor that I could understand and managed to piece together the video above, complete with effects!

It was a steep learning curve but, we got there. One day we'll be allowed outside again.


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