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EPK - Listen Up (You Talk Too Much)

With a fanfare of uplifting atmospheric guitar and a gut-punching rhythm section, The Deep Shinning Sea have returned with their latest track.

Following up on their debut song, Girl There’s Something You Should Know, the Paisley trio are proud to unleash second single Listen Up (You Talk Too Much).

A rousing and engaging tale, the track transports listeners to a place where the sun drifts effortlessly across a calming skyscape.

But the scene takes on greater importance as the song lays down the need to maintain our connections – especially in our time of need.

Steven Hillcoat, the band’s guitarist and singer, reflects:

“It is a song about two people,” Hillcoat said. “It could be friends, partners in crime, lovers – anyone who can relate.

“One person is feeling the pressure of life pushing down on them. The hate and hurt is trying to penetrate their bubble.

“The other is trying their best to tell them everything is going to be alright.

“And that’s what it’s really about; that’s the message: If we stick together, no one can topple us.

“It’s a feeling I think we have all experienced. And now, especially now with everything going on, relying on our personal connections spans the distance between comfort and misery.”

The erudite musicianship of the band is on show for all to see. While the main guitar parts reel in the listener, bass player Gareth Fairley adds a rich texture with an alluring counter riff.

Drummer Jamie McLachlan enters the fray with a crash cymbal crescendo into a dominating groove, while Hillcoats vocals anchor the track.

The single has been a firm fixture in the band’s setlist and holds a special place in the heart of the band.

Hillcoat adds: “It’s always been a favourite for us. It always gets a positive reaction when we play it live.

“We were desperate to follow up on our debut track, but, obviously, events everywhere else took over.

“So, we took the time and made sure everything was perfect. The track is recorded entirely by the band and was recorded – hastily – on a sunny afternoon in an empty living room.

“It was actually on the day our drummer Jamie was moving out of his flat, right before the new owners moved in – an almighty noise was made.

“It’s been a bit of a journey, but we are just so excited to be able to get it out now.”

WHO WE ARE: Formed in Paisley in 2018 The Deep Shining Sea are, Steven Hillcoat - Guitars, vocals. Jamie McLachlan - Drums. Gareth Fairley - Bass.

We are from Paisley, Scotland and we play indie/pop/rock guitar music.

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